Our projects’s goal is to simulate real African Savannah Plane Environment. This is educational VR application which provides users the experience of deploying IOT sensors for animal research. This is the main environment.The trees and grass you see in the scene are the types of trees and grass in Savanna Plane. There are 3 type of animals: zebra, lions and elephant. Each has an independent behavior. User can grab a laser pointer to deploy sensor on animals. First user recenter sensor by pressing B, then select sensor by pressing A. Then user point the laser pointer at the animals. The corresponding sensor will be attached to the animals. User can see the sensor tag on top of animals. There is also a mini-map to help user locate animals around user. As shown on the screen, the user is at the center, and the animals are shown as avatars on the mini-map. User can use this information to find animals. There is also raining effect in the environment. Every once a while, there is a chance of raining.