It is a sponsored project about Visual Search Strategies, under the guidance of Prof. Manuel Hernandez.

Initial requirement: Professor Hernandez wants us to design a project to test the response time of people from different ages when they encounter an obstacle. At the very beginning he wanted us to use eye tracking to detect the eye position and use treadmill to simulate the process of walking.

Progress: We tried on this equipment in the Lab. We found that there was no existing link between Unity and eye tracking equipment. For the treadmill, we could only read data from it but cannot control its speed for safety. Under those limitations, we wanted to focus more on the purpose of professor and interpreted it as another format that could also satisfy his requirement. We contacted professor to share our idea and he agreed with it.

Motivation: We design gun mode to test player’s ability to aim using hand, sword mode to test their response time to swing shoulders, and laser eye mode to train them using head movement to search targets. If the player has a faster reaction, he can survive longer and earn more points.

Game design: Design based on instruction from the professor.

Result: Finally, we send our project to professor and a Manual for further use.