Due: Feb. 19, 2020 @ 11:59 PM

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You and a partner must review four VR experiences according to the Oculus Best Practices Guide. These experiences can be from the Oculus Store, the Steam Store, or a student demo from the CS498 V: drive’s “Student Projects” folder. This assignment is meant to turn you into a VR snob. Pick apart every little design decision you can think of.


Each review must focus on the following four categories:

  • Graphical/Aesthetic Quality
  • User Interface
  • Movement
  • Immersion/Presence

For each category, write a short paragraph that describes what that particular experience does well and what it does poorly in regards to that category. Also, include at least two suggestions on how to improve the experience. Aim for about 150-300 words per review.

We will grade your assignment according to how well you can justify your answer with specific examples from the Best Practices Guide.


You must support your observations with citations from the Best Practices Guide. Provide section names and direct quotes.

We provide an example:

The menu feels too close to the eyes which may cause discomfort. Instead, UI elements should be incorporated into the virtual world as 3D objects. [1]

In footnotes:

[1] Vision -> Comfortable Viewing Distances: …should be rendered at least 0.5 meters away…


Submit your reviews on Compass as a double-spaced PDF. The filename should contain the NetIDs of both people in the group, separated by underscores (e.g., VRCritic_shaffer1_dcermak2.pdf).


Name Points Description
Graphical/Aesthetic Quality 20 Critique on graphical/aesthetic quality in each review
User Interface 20 Critique on user interface in each review
Movement 20 Critique on movement in each review
Immersion/Presence 20 Critique on immersion/presence in each review
Suggestions 20 At least 2 suggested improvements in each review
Citation -20 Missing or incorrect citations will result in up to 20 points deduction.
Word Limit -20 Reviews outside the word limits will result in up to 20 points deduction.
Total 100